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We offer a selection different heaters to suit most budgets from a simple "chinese" heater, Autoterm (Planar) heaters recommended for most conversions, to high end Truma Heaters with optional water heating.

Chinese Diesel Heater

Budget Diesel Heater
12 Months Warranty

From £329 Inc Fitting

Autoterm/Planar Heater

European Made Heater with 2 Years Warranty

From £799 Inc Fitting

Truma Heater

High End Heater with Air & optional Water Heating

From £1199 inc Fitting

Diesel Heaters

Diesel Night Heater

Diesel heaters are an efficient way of providing a reliable heating source for you camper.

Low fuel consumption, and compact size make them ideal for any size conversion and as they can run directly from your vehicles fuel tank you don't need to worry about running out of heating when on the go.

They are generally fitted under the drivers or passenger seat or in a cupboard/under the Rock & Roll Bed so are very unobtrusive and we can normally fit within the day.

Digital fully programmable timers and remote controls are available for added convenience if required, so you can preheat your van on a frosty morning or to make sure its toasty warm when you return from a day out.

The heaters reach full temperature in as little as 5 minutes so you can be sure you can still use your camper all year round.

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