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Surejust Island Table Leg Set Stainless & Aluminium

Surejust Island Table Leg Set Stainless & Aluminium


Surejust Stainless Steel Table Leg Set

A three piece set which comprises of:

1 x Recessed floor base (aluminium),

1 x Table base (aluminium),  1 x 710mm polished St/Steel leg


 By fixing a top of your choice to the table base you can create a removable table, commonly found in Caravans, Campers and Horse box conversions

  • NOTE

    The surejust Island stainless steel table leg including aluminium above floor base and recessed base.

    The Mirror Polished Stainless Steel island Leg710mm and comes complete with:

    • Polished aluminium above floor base
    • aluminium-recessed base
    • The diameter of the above floor base and recessed base is 190mm
    • The tube diameter is 57mm and tapers down on each end.
    • The tapered end will work with existing above floor and recessed bases you may have.
    • The hole needed for the recessed base is 65mm diameter x 45mm Deep.
    • The overall height of the set will change when the leg set is assembled, as some height is lost in the floor. The overall height will work out at 13mm less than the tube length.

    Not a mild steel chrome plated leg being sold as Stainless